I think creating the outline for a blog post is a very smart idea, that I will definitely be applying my blog. Personally for me, I know when I’m just writing off the top of my head, things tend to get confusing and I ramble on about things that aren’t necessarily important. An outline is a perfect way for me to do that.I have learned when I plan things out they are more clear, precise and organized. I think two things that I will try to avoid is writing long paragraphs and not being afraid to trying new things.

I think these tips will definitely help my in my future profession. As a lawyer, I maybe talk about my cases and cases can be a pretty lengthy thing. I do not want to bore or confuse my reader, so I definitely will be cautious of not just to babble on. I will organize my thoughts and break each point down. I will probably use techniques like bullet points or number each point.

Some steps that I will take to make sure my blog posts readable and memorable is to take spaces in between thoughts. I will make my post relatable. My goal in writing is to make sure the reader walks away with something value whether it is information or a learning experience. I will post things like videos or pictures if I am explaining something that might need clarity. I believe any information can be interesting, it all depends on how you deliver or display the information.


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