Week 7

This week was very informational for me. Prior to this module, I had never really thought about a web accessibility. I learn that I will avoid anything that flashes. If I would like to bring something to my readers attention, I will do it in others ways, such as a contrast in font size or a contrast in the appropriate colors.

I will make sure that my website is both use friendly on the desktop version and as well as the mobile version. Something that caught my attention in the “wearecolorblind.com” under the “Google Analytics”  example was the pie charts. They have an example where you can see the pie chart in the normal version and then where you can simulated the colorblindness. It was impossible to tell which section belong to which statistic. This put a lot of things into perspective for me. After viewing that demonstration, I know in order for my website to be user friendly, I will have to be very very cautious on what colors I use. I will also try have a detailed description under each image. Another thing that I learned this week was if something might be difficult to incorporate, I can have two versions a normal version and then a color blind option. That way everyone can view and get the information that I provide. The main thing I learned from this module was that I want my website to welcoming and friendly to everyone. I think deafness is also important in the discussion of accessibility. If a person has a video on their website I think its important to include subtitles.





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