World’s Worst Bowler

This past weekend my friends and I decided to get out of the house and just have a little fun. This sounded like a great idea, until they decided to choose bowling.Now every time I go bowling, I come in last place. I absolutely suck at bowling, so I was definitely not to excited about the idea.

However, I didn’t wanna miss out of the bonding and the so called-“fun”. So I sucked it up and decided to go.  We got there around  10 o ‘clock which was cool because this was cosmic bowling. Which meant that it was dark with flash lights and cool music. I was so happy that it was dark that way no now could see my terrible bowling skills. We all got our bowling shoes, they were super ugly to me and totally ruined my outfit lol. Now I’m going to bowl terribly and look ugly whiling doing it, I mumbled to myself.  We get to our bowling lane and we input in our names, and of course, I’m last. (how ironic). My friends being to bowl one by one and the it become my turn. I slow and nervous walk up to the line, and throw the bowling ball (with no technique whatsoever) and BAM! STRIKE !

I have never been so shocked! Did I just do that?  My friends were all jealous and thought I was lying when I  said I was bad at bowling. Needless to say, that was my only strike and I came in last place with only a score of 68. I was still a super fun experience and it probably the best I’ve ever bowled. Which has to count for something ! Practice makes perfect or unless its in my case and then you just get a lucky shot.


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