Mardi Gras!!

This week is the official start of  Mardi Gras. Being from Jacksonville,Florida we don’t celebrate Mardi Gras so coming to  Mobile, Alabama and see everyone so excited it is different something new to experience. I missed out of Mardi Gras last year due to lack of knowledge about it. However, since this is my second year in Mobile I decided to get into this spirit. This past weekend I went to two different parades which was super fun I caught about 20 beads, which in my opinion is pretty good for a beginner. I went downtown this weekend too. I just love Dauphin Street! I loved that there was music every where and people all having a good time. We don’t have anything like that in Jacksonville so i was just a super cool vibe. I can definitely see why everyone is so excited for Mardi Gras! Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and I plan on going to New Orleans,LA. I’ll keep you guys updated on how that went next week. Talk to you next week !


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