Week 8

I think video is vital to a website.According to impactbnd.com, “Incorporating intro videos into the layout of your website can be an effective way to getting your visitors to focus on a specific section of your site. Ultimately, this allows you to tell them a story, bring your company to life, and increase conversions.”  Videos can showcase your talent, for example if you are a DJ you can post a video showing you DJing and displaying your talent. I am the type of person that has to see/try my product before I buy anything. Like the website also mentions, it humanizes the brand. I believe this is so important . I can read your website all day long but if I do not feel a connection to you or the product then I will not buy the product. However,  creating and posting a video and show me what you do and how you do it definitely increases the chances of me buying the product. For my website, I would create a video explaining who I was as a person, I would talk about my goals and what I would hope to achieve. To make my video look more professional I would probably invest in a camcorder. I think this would be very smart verses just using a iPhone camera, that way I would have better quality. I want my video to look professional so its important for the quality to look good as well. Just like first impression are everything, I believe that this same rule applies for a website. It is all about appearance even through the internet.


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