Week 9

I was not at class last week. However, I did read the chapters about multi-media and copyright.  I learned how to add audio using flash. I have never really been familiar with flash so these chapters were very helpful to me. I also learned about how to sent a professional email. Normally, when I write an email I write too little information or too much information, so this module is very very helpful to me. Throughout high school, my teachers have taught us how to send a email but I never actually learned it. I still struggle with it in college. I always forget to include something like the subject, the greeting and sometimes even the farewell. I think a good rule I learned  is to limit myself to five sentences. This will help me not rumble on or expression too much information.I followed the instructions on the link and I set up the filter. I used the CA 260 filter. I choose this filter because I think this is important to mark these assignments.  I did not think the process was difficult, but personally I would probably not use this technique. I do see how it can be beneficial to others.

This would be an example of a Sample Email:

Hello Mr. Willis,

I am contacting you in regards to next week’s class. I have a doctor’s appointment  and I have to leave class early at 6:30. Are there any assignments that I will be missing, and if so can I receive then at the beginning of class.

Thank You,

Brandy Gibson



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