Week 11

This week’s module is all about CMS. It is important to know what CMS is. According to the textbook, CMS stands for a content management system, which means people can create, edit,publish without needing to know the technical information behind it. CMS is great for people like me, who do not know much about web design. There a three CMS’s that we learned about this week: WordPress,Jooma, and Drupal. Personally for me, I think WordPress is the best out of the three. I might be a little bia because i have been using wordpress for about 11 weeks now. I am not big on computers and definitely not web design. I was very easy for me to start a web site with no problem. I feel like every thing is very well-explained and wordpress has every thing titled and many categories. Setting up was simple I choose a theme, WordPress then moved me along to change the titles and fonts. Adding post are very easy for me it a click of the button.

I was not very fond of Jooma.org  because you only get a 90 trial period and then you have to pay. I found that to be a con because beginners might just want this to be a practice website, so I would not really want to pay. Drupal.org was okay but it has a lot of features on it. Drupal has over 100 languages which is cool but I do not think it would necessary when you’re just starting out.


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