Week 12

I think W3Schools is the most useful to me.  My favorite part of the website was the categories followed by the subcategories. I like the fact it had headers and you click on them and it brings up more link related to the information you previously clicked on. I think it explained the information very clearly.  I think this feature makes it helpful and more like a guide to me. I hate visiting website looking for an answer and I have to read a lot of information that I do not necessarily need.

On the other hand, I do agree with http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/training-online-resources-812225, the website looks a bit flat and boring. However, I think this website is there to train and guide users on how design a website. The purpose of the website is to educate so I think a basic layout was a good a idea.

If CA 260 was completely taught, I would absolutely HATE the class. Personally,I hate online classes. I would definitely enjoy the class a lot less. I enjoy being in classes and going through everything step by step and if I have a problem or question I can have it answered right then and there. Where as in an online class i would have to email the teacher and they would respond a couple days later. I would get a lot less in the class to be honest. Personally, I’m already not a big fan of web design so just imagining taking it online we be a completely nightmare for me.


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