Week 14

Well of course, my first idea for my domain name was my actual name. Original? I know. However, when I checked https://whois.net that domain name had already been registered. It said that this domain name was registered to FastDomain,INC. After about three minutes of intense thinking, I then got a little more creative and decided to throw my middle initial in the mixed, and it said it was available. It said I could buy the domain name for $12.99. The website did not say if it was a one time buy or a subscription, so that was a big issue for me. Personally as a college student, I would not buy the domain name… that is equivalent to Netflix or a meal. However, if I was in the process of starting up a business, I would definitely invest in it. That is a smart and easy way people can find and contact you. I did like the fact when I visited namecheap.com that they stated it was a subscription of 3.88 a year, which is not to bad and you could decide the.__ part. You could pick .store, or .me which I enjoyed.Personally for me, I am a penny pincher. So if there is a way I can save a dollar I’m definitely going to choose that option. I also say you get what you pay for.Although, I did not see anything bad about using the free one. I would definitely recommend it and use it in the future.


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