Week 15

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to help increase your chances of being found when a user searches a specific topic in a search engine. For my website, I plan on incorporating Search Engine Optimization by paying attention to my word choice. I will pay attention to my titles and links and the words I use in my link.  I will also try to keep  the information on my website update because that will also help enhance your chances.  I think Search Engine Optimization can be problematic.  I think some people might abuse this power and link things that are not related to their website just to get high in results.

According to ttps://www.seohorizon.com/seo-benefits-disadvantages-explained/, they explained some of the disadvantages in Search Engine Optimization. One point they made is that it cost a lot to be competitive. They also states that Search Engine Optimization is not always free, they are people that pay to have high results. Another point they made is that it might not always work. The website states “as 75% of search clients will probably never look past this first page and negligence the rest.” and this statement is so true people never look pass the first page. So it is very hard to compete for that first page.

I think Search Engine Optimization can be useful for users when searching a specific topic, however I do not see it being that helpful to website owners unless you are on the first page of results.


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