CA 288 Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Prior to taking this class, I had zero knowledge about web design.  Now leaving this class, I can actually say I know how to make a web site. I enjoyed the different modules every week. The modules helped me a lot, and then I like how we went over what we learned in the module at lab. This helped with anything that I did not understand, it gave more clarity which ultimately helped me when I was creating my website. Surprisely, I was very happy with the way my website turned out. It took me what feels like forever, but I finally got it done. I like writing the personal blog post. I feel like that is something that I may continue in the future. I found the blogs to be almost therapeutic. I feel like that was one place where I could vent and reflect on my week. If I could change one thing about this class, it would be how often we meet. I would have like to meet maybe 2-3 times a week and shortening the class to about 45 minutes. Overall, I like this class. I feel like this class provided something that  is actually going to help in the future. I can see myself creating a website for my future business. This course covered all the basic on web design which was exactly what I need it. I feel like I might even what to take another class, just to learned a  little more in depth about web design.


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