CA 288 Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Prior to taking this class, I had zero knowledge about web design.  Now leaving this class, I can actually say I know how to make a web site. I enjoyed the different modules every week. The modules helped me a lot, and then I like how we went over what we learned in the module at lab. This helped with anything that I did not understand, it gave more clarity which ultimately helped me when I was creating my website. Surprisely, I was very happy with the way my website turned out. It took me what feels like forever, but I finally got it done. I like writing the personal blog post. I feel like that is something that I may continue in the future. I found the blogs to be almost therapeutic. I feel like that was one place where I could vent and reflect on my week. If I could change one thing about this class, it would be how often we meet. I would have like to meet maybe 2-3 times a week and shortening the class to about 45 minutes. Overall, I like this class. I feel like this class provided something that  is actually going to help in the future. I can see myself creating a website for my future business. This course covered all the basic on web design which was exactly what I need it. I feel like I might even what to take another class, just to learned a  little more in depth about web design.


Week 15

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to help increase your chances of being found when a user searches a specific topic in a search engine. For my website, I plan on incorporating Search Engine Optimization by paying attention to my word choice. I will pay attention to my titles and links and the words I use in my link.  I will also try to keep  the information on my website update because that will also help enhance your chances.  I think Search Engine Optimization can be problematic.  I think some people might abuse this power and link things that are not related to their website just to get high in results.

According to ttps://, they explained some of the disadvantages in Search Engine Optimization. One point they made is that it cost a lot to be competitive. They also states that Search Engine Optimization is not always free, they are people that pay to have high results. Another point they made is that it might not always work. The website states “as 75% of search clients will probably never look past this first page and negligence the rest.” and this statement is so true people never look pass the first page. So it is very hard to compete for that first page.

I think Search Engine Optimization can be useful for users when searching a specific topic, however I do not see it being that helpful to website owners unless you are on the first page of results.

Island View

Remember how I said last weekend was the worst weekend of my life? Well things have taking a turn for the better. My boyfriend and I got back together. I have been complaining this whole semester about how I need a mini vacation, and that is exactly what he did. He bought us a room at the Island View hotel in Biloxi, MS. Island View is a HUGE casino resort that sits right on the beach. It was the prettiest thing I have ever seen. We stayed on the 12 floor which was a little scary, but it was such a pretty view of the beach. The hotel at night time lights up in different colors. I went to the casino and won $150 dollars… my boyfriend swears it is beginner’s luck, but I’m really just that good. Then we week to the pool which was huge! It had a swim up bar which was awesome. I also tried a Beignet for the first time and they were so good I ate like half a dozen. I wish every weekend could be like this weekend.

Week 14

Well of course, my first idea for my domain name was my actual name. Original? I know. However, when I checked that domain name had already been registered. It said that this domain name was registered to FastDomain,INC. After about three minutes of intense thinking, I then got a little more creative and decided to throw my middle initial in the mixed, and it said it was available. It said I could buy the domain name for $12.99. The website did not say if it was a one time buy or a subscription, so that was a big issue for me. Personally as a college student, I would not buy the domain name… that is equivalent to Netflix or a meal. However, if I was in the process of starting up a business, I would definitely invest in it. That is a smart and easy way people can find and contact you. I did like the fact when I visited that they stated it was a subscription of 3.88 a year, which is not to bad and you could decide the.__ part. You could pick .store, or .me which I enjoyed.Personally for me, I am a penny pincher. So if there is a way I can save a dollar I’m definitely going to choose that option. I also say you get what you pay for.Although, I did not see anything bad about using the free one. I would definitely recommend it and use it in the future.

Worst Week of My Life.

This by far has to be the worst week of my life. My boyfriend and I recently broke up this past Sunday, for reasons I rather not explain. We had been dating for 7 months. So this week has been very hard for me. We were honestly joined at the hip.We pretty much spend every seconds of the day together, so this is a very strange week for me. I’ve been trying to get back in the motion of doing things alone and by myself. I had to go grocery alone, and I realized how boring it was. I have been on an emotional roll coaster. I have done your “typical break up routine” eating ice cream, watching chick flicks and shedding a lot of tears.  They say time heals all wounds and I’m hope this one heals soon.

Week 12

I think W3Schools is the most useful to me.  My favorite part of the website was the categories followed by the subcategories. I like the fact it had headers and you click on them and it brings up more link related to the information you previously clicked on. I think it explained the information very clearly.  I think this feature makes it helpful and more like a guide to me. I hate visiting website looking for an answer and I have to read a lot of information that I do not necessarily need.

On the other hand, I do agree with, the website looks a bit flat and boring. However, I think this website is there to train and guide users on how design a website. The purpose of the website is to educate so I think a basic layout was a good a idea.

If CA 260 was completely taught, I would absolutely HATE the class. Personally,I hate online classes. I would definitely enjoy the class a lot less. I enjoy being in classes and going through everything step by step and if I have a problem or question I can have it answered right then and there. Where as in an online class i would have to email the teacher and they would respond a couple days later. I would get a lot less in the class to be honest. Personally, I’m already not a big fan of web design so just imagining taking it online we be a completely nightmare for me.

I’m a Big Kid at Heart

I was surprised by my parents this past weekend. I haven’t seen them since Christmas so it was a nice little surprise. I could tell my parents were acting a little strange, so finally they tell me and my nephew that were going to Disney world for his birthday! I have been twice, once when I was like 3 and then again when I was 12. This was my nephew’s first time so I was excited for him. After the 10 hour car ride, it was only suppose to be 8 but my mom kept stopping for bathroom breaks. We finally get there and it better than I remember. I actually went on all the rides unlike when i was a scared 12 year old. The food was so so good too! I honestly felt like the biggest kid… I was probably more excited than my 9 year old nephew! Long story short Disney is the greatest place on Earth!!